Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17

10 months old today!

Our not-too-accurate scales say he's pretty much 10 kilos Ü

Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 13

In spite of having fallen off this old computer a dozen times, my fearless little Byron climbs up again to reach better books. Next he got down the brown one on the next shelf up. He has been pulling these ones ("Ellie Chronicles") down all week, so I put them up a shelf... thus the climb.

We have to be careful about the B.A.T.H. word... his little face lights up when he hears it, like a dog with "walk". If we're not serious about a bath Right Now, well, it's just unkind.

Trying to get a picture of "the wave" which is the way his hair wants to go. It parts equally well on the right and left and the grain goes in to the centre to make an almost surfable wave.

Favorite study activity (other than book-throwing) is to turn the printer on and off. Nathan moved the printer under the computer table, but he found it in 2 seconds.

"Helping" mummy make a knitted toy sheep. (Finished product is very popular. See pic on

Ready to be wrapped. We have to be careful what we leave near the edges of tabletops these days.

Lately, with the warm weather, he has been refusing to have a daytime sleep. Then he conks out on the floor! He actually fell asleep on my knee, and the stove timer went off, so I dumped him here and he went back to sleep.

He was resting his head on the floor (watching TV) and when I put the pillow in front of him he crawled on. Slept here for well over an hour.

Byron's treadmill. Well, actually it's his mum's, but she can't use it much. Either she wakes him up, or she risks him getting sucked under... because he can't stay away!

Up on the tready mechanics. He leaned forwards a bit far one day and did a lovely little forward roll. Looked quite stunned at his daring, but he didn't cry.

Trying to get higher. Potential mountain-hiking nut.

Favorite thing to chew. Note the baggy eyes... his mummy has them, too!