Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Yesterday, Dec 3, we found a half-cut molar! Silly mummy thought that teeth came in order, and a new tooth would be next to one he already has. Alas, no. But it explains the odd behavior the last 3 days... dribbling, grizzling in the night, not wanting to have his bottle, asking for bikkies and then spitting them out, grizzling and naughtiness from dawn to dusk... oh yeah, and extra early mornings!
This one is on the top left, and I think 2 teeth will fit between it and the four front ones he has. Plus, there are lumps where new molars are bound to pop out soon. Sigh. Poor little boy.
Wearing Daddy's hat

Knitting again... now trying the "with yarn" version

Too clever for his own good. Now he gets growled at more!

Self portrait. I didn't even realize he could reach the camera, let alone turn it on and snap his foot, until I saw the flash Ü

Next he puts his foot up onto the top, but decides it might be a bit risky... maybe when he's nineteen months old...