Saturday, December 15, 2007

December 16

I haven't put the pictures from the camera onto the computer for a while, so when I did there were 130! While I was searching through them, I was singing "Alouette" and Byron was giggling madly, like he speaks French and understood the words. he he.

He wriggled his way over until finally he was completely under the table.

Helping his mum to sort out the decorations.

He got pretty wet before he got the proper bit in his mouth. Spent quite a while trying to get to the water through the side of the bottle!

Really wish I knew what he was thinking here. Something mischievous...

Chomping on the car keys.

He's learning to wave. Here he is in his new high chair.

One of his favorite games... sit down, stand up (times 50!!).

At his "desk".

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Nov 29

The last 4 nights he's slept all night without waking up for a bottle. The three nights before that, I let him sleep until he grizzled (rather than giving him a bottle at midnight). We're all sleeping well!
He never bawls like this, so when he started crying just because Zara was crying, I had to take a picture before I gave him a cuddle. He he.

Sausage roll Ü

Punkin Punk.

He loves to get hold of a glass, as you can see from the extra huge grin.

What's a boy to do when noone will give him a hamburger!!

(Ben's barbecue birthday party. He had chocolate custard.)

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

November 22

He's getting quite frustrated. He can push himself up onto his hands and knees, but then his knees slip backwards. So he's working his way away from what he's trying to get to! Ü
According to my scales, he seems to be about 8.2 kilos, which is about average for his age. He was 6 months old on Nov 17.
Big happy grin

How he normally sits, holding his feet.

Byron's soccer ball.

He likes to stand up, holding someone's hands. Usually has a big, excited grin, but we couldn't seem to catch it. Of course, he has to learn to crawl first.

Relaxing on his Winnie the Pooh mat, using Teddy as a pillow.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

November 5 part 2

On Nov 2, having been enjoying his apple cores, I thought I'd give him something different, and opened up a baby tin of vege mash. He pulled a funny face, but yesterday I gave him some more of it, and he just about hyperventilated if it took too long to get his next spoon. Of course, the mash, which is mostly pumpkin, stained everything yellow! I tried to weigh him (holding him and not holding him when I stood on the scales) and he seems to be about 7.7 kilos.
He's also decided, in the last few days, that he likes rolling onto his stomach after all, so he does it constantly. His little playmat world is getting too small.
The Weight of the World. He thought it was funny.

On top of the World (ie, the exercise ball we sit on at the computer)

Cheeky little monkey

Woke up early one morning, and decided it would be fun to pull in the mesh that hangs around his bed. I got up to see what he was chuckling about.

Loves chomping on an apple core.

Snuggley and cute after waking up from his morning sleep

He likes to "type", but he thought he was pretty clever when he pulled the whole keyboard into his lap.

November 5

These pictures are all from Oct 17, when he turned 5 months old. Beautiful day. We started some farex again, and he was pretty keen. Wrestled the spoon away from me... I had to give him one and get another one for me. He he. Then I “gave” him his Tupperware baby cup, which I bought at Heather's ages ago, and he's been chomping on it since. I put some milk in it, but that was a bit of a mess Ü's currently got a few bits of pasta in it, so it rattles.

Byron and Bluey easily fitting into the birdbath.

He seems to love the feel of grass.

Flaked out in the cot. He likes to sleep on his right side.

Testing out his cup. More milk on his tshirt than in his mouth, of course.

We parked across the road, and three cows came along to say hi. Byron thought they were great!

Saturday, October 20, 2007

October 20

Bo, the dog. Guess what "Bo" is short for?

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

October 17

Happy 5 month birthday, bub!!

Today we started some farex again, and he seemed to like it. He had about 3 teaspoons, opened his mouth wide for the spoon, and wrestled with me to get the spoon for himself. I had to give him one and get another one for me. He he. Then I “gave” him his Tupperware cup, which I bought at Heather's ages ago, and he's been chomping on it since. I put some milk in it, but that was a bit of a mess, so for now it is empty.

He's been waking up about 7am lately, but he just talks to himself in bed, usually for a good half hour.

Today I took Byron outside. He sat in the pram with his hat and suncream on and looked at the cows through the fence across the road. Then we went to my garden to do a bit of weeding, but he soon got hungry. I gave him a bottle and he fell asleep for a few hours.

Adding pictures won't work today for some reason. I'll try again soon.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 14

He had his 3 needles for his 4-month immunisations. He didn't even cry for the first two; in fact, he smiled at the nurse. Of course, that 3rd one really stings, so...
These are all September pics (because I'm a bit slack). October ones to come later...
Sept 22. I Love Farex.

Can sit up for a bit to do something important, like watching Play School or finding a hat. He tends to lean forward until he's touching his toes, and then he somehow ends up on his stomach again.

He can easily sleep sideways on the recliner, even using a pillow as a matress.

How cheeky is he?

Loves his playmat. He seems to think that "rolling" is overated, but he can easily turn 90 degrees to reach something he wants.

Cute little twisty toes

He has discovered his toes, and can spend hours playing with them.

Monday, September 17, 2007

September 17

Byron is 4 months old today, and we went back to the health care nurse to get him weighed. He is now up to 6.69 kilos, which is a little higher again on the charts (about the 40th percentile). He didn't get any needles today (like he did for his 2 month birthday)... that's coming up in a few weeks Ü . His treat for the day was getting to meet Priscilla. He was a big show off for her, and rolled onto his back about 5 times in a row Ü

Preparing for a strenuous pram walk around the lake
by getting some quick zz's in his comfy car seat

Sitting (one of his favorite things to do) in a big, comfy armchair with the new teddy bear he got from (great) Gran.

I was trying to get a photo of the tshirt and brown denim jeans I bought, but all he wanted to do was pull silly faces! he he.

This is the sad face that makes his Mummy and Daddy laugh, even though they shouldn't.

I turned on the light to give him his midnight bottle. He usually sleeps through it all, but this time he objected to the light, turned his face into his sleeping bag hood, and went back to sleep!

What he was wearing today. Mummy had to get a photo, because she made the jumper.