Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Autumn 2011

Apologies: I'm very behind in updating the blogs. Unfortunately all my recent pictures just got wiped with the death of the laptop. If you have any photos from this month, please send them, and I'll edit the posts as able.

Visited the local kindergarten and signed up for next year. After seeing the playground there, Byron is Very Keen!

Look at my shoes! My glasses! I look like a dude, actually!

J: Mummy, the block licked me
B: Jasmine, none of my blocks have tongues

I don't want to play the hard game. I want to play the soft game.

B: What's an avatar?
Me: A little computer picture that represents you. See? Computer-Byron: he looks like you, has blonde hair, jumps around...
B: ...is naughty.

Something made me grumpy!!

I'm a superhero, coz I've got socks on!

This couch is electric and spongy and dangerous, but I'm stronger than it!

(When asked again by one frustrated Mum to quit saying "Why?" for a bit): Why can't I say "Why", Mummy? I don't know stuff!!

May 17: turned 4 years old.

B: Mummy?
Me: yeah?
B: I don't want to talk to you.

B: Go out.
J: Why?
B: Because I want to have my beauty-rest.

B: (opens the glass door) I'll see if it's dark...

This season, Byron is increasingly interested in writing letters. He'll sit and copy them, and he knows a few 'by heart' now. Unfortunately for him, it didn't occur to him that writing "B" on Jasmine's toys (not once but twice) would be considered evidence against him :)