Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spring 2011

September, October, November

"Careful"? Of what?

What plaster?

Nope, I'm comfy just like this.

Why, yes, Mummy did say I could wear undies on my head to Playgroup if I wanted to.

The Woods are lovely, dark and deep
But before I go to sleep
I have promises to keep.

(Byron, when asked if he remembered the "dark woods poem" he'd only heard a few times, weeks earlier.)

B: Let's play a game called "Annoy", where I spray you in the face and you run away.

Byron thought his mummy was very clever for knitting an elephant, not because it was an elephant, but because I somehow changed the color from the one on the pattern :)

Jasmine: Look at my spinny dress!
Byron: Jasmine, I don't like spinny dresses! I like cranes.

Byron (on Melbourne Cup fashion): She's got undies on her head!

Byron - playing a game called "Delivering little parcels to make the sad people feel better."

Byron (re "The Great Jiggy Wiggy", a character (the king) on his xbox game Banjo 'n Tooie) That's Jesus, Daddy!

Jasmine: I can do whatever I want to!
Byron: No you can't. You can't kill people or play in the cupboard.

Sent his handprint to Jonathan, "his boy", whom he picked (from the World Vision site) to sponsor.

Winter, 2011

June, July, August

Don't be fooled by the Good Big Brother look. He makes her push him back up the hill!

Rock climbing at Scienceworks. He'll be back!


Jasmine: Do aliens fly?
Byron: Aliens don't catch flies. Lizards catch flies.

Byron has been learning to write a few letters. He was concentrating on his writing so hard one day, that he fell off the chair.

On waking up one morning: There were dinosaurs... a monster outside my bedroom window... no, it wasn't a dream... but luckily I'm some sort of superhero.

regarding hot chips: I don't like crunchy. Crunchy is NOT my friend.

I want real chocolate, not brown.

Byron to Zachary (quoting Shrek): Wanna dance, pretty boy?

Byron: I am so "not"

Daddy: What can we do to help you not wet your bed?
Byron: Let me stay up.
Daddy: How will that help?
Byron: Erm.... you'll see!

Mummy: Come on! Don't you want to go to Play Group?
Byron: Yes.
Mummy: Then perhaps you could be a bit helpful?
Byron, excited: I'll drive!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Autumn 2011

Apologies: I'm very behind in updating the blogs. Unfortunately all my recent pictures just got wiped with the death of the laptop. If you have any photos from this month, please send them, and I'll edit the posts as able.

Visited the local kindergarten and signed up for next year. After seeing the playground there, Byron is Very Keen!

Look at my shoes! My glasses! I look like a dude, actually!

J: Mummy, the block licked me
B: Jasmine, none of my blocks have tongues

I don't want to play the hard game. I want to play the soft game.

B: What's an avatar?
Me: A little computer picture that represents you. See? Computer-Byron: he looks like you, has blonde hair, jumps around...
B: ...is naughty.

Something made me grumpy!!

I'm a superhero, coz I've got socks on!

This couch is electric and spongy and dangerous, but I'm stronger than it!

(When asked again by one frustrated Mum to quit saying "Why?" for a bit): Why can't I say "Why", Mummy? I don't know stuff!!

May 17: turned 4 years old.

B: Mummy?
Me: yeah?
B: I don't want to talk to you.

B: Go out.
J: Why?
B: Because I want to have my beauty-rest.

B: (opens the glass door) I'll see if it's dark...

This season, Byron is increasingly interested in writing letters. He'll sit and copy them, and he knows a few 'by heart' now. Unfortunately for him, it didn't occur to him that writing "B" on Jasmine's toys (not once but twice) would be considered evidence against him :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Summer 2010-11

Summer at the playground
Summer thickshake

Summer hammock

Summer hat

Summer singlets (with superheroes)

Summer school

Summer sea creatures (an octopus)

Summer break from Playgroup.
Quotes from Summer:
I'm feeling pestered! Everyone's pestering me.
B: If I was a winged man I could fly up into the air and trick Jesus and God and pretend I died!
Mum: Why? To make God laugh?
B: yeah!
Dad: Who's poo-ey?
B: Zachary is! (putting his fingers down the back of his nappy!)
Mum: Stop saying "Why?" for a while! Just give it a rest!
B: Mummy, why can't I say that question?
All those birds would look like sheep if they didn't have wings. (Cockatoos)
Mummy: Don't come back in here saying "More more more".
B: I'll just come in and say, "More more".
J: Byron's digging under the slab!
B: (pushing on the house with his hand) It's not wobbley yet.
Started calling his baby brother "Zacka", which Jasmine immediately copied.
When I had a sleep I dreamed about grumpiness, so I'm very grumpy!
I wish I was a rain cloud. It would be fun to make mud for Jas.
Is that your chocolate with no sweet? (I gave him some of my 85% dark chocolate, and he's hardly ever asked me for some since.)
B: Jasmine? How about we get married?
J: No thankyou; I'm dancing.
B: (Speaking for the doll he was holding, to the doll Jasmine was holding) I'm a superhero, coz look what I can do! (tips doll back so its eyes close)
Jasmine, you can't see in your ear unless you're inside your ear.
I'm a very naughty boy, but I'll be good for Grandma!
Skills and achievements: Getting good at using the pot and toilet, so graduated to undies. Touched a koala and a roo at the wildlife park. Helped me dye some carded wool for spinning. Persuaded Jasmine to call him "Superhero Byron" for the morning. Played two characters in his own imaginary game, arguing with and persuading himself. Still has an imaginary friend called Martin.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring, 2010

Run run run!

Monkeying around on the swings. Scary to watch, at times, but he sure has had a lot of practice!

Trick shot with Zachary.

Trying to read to Zach (even Mummy has trouble reading "Oh say, can you say?"!)

Spring rolls in Spring. Very serious business.

3 car seats squashed into the back. For the next 7 years, apparently.

Favorite colors: red and black.
Some art:

First time I ever saw him attempt to draw a person. This is Daddy, obviously.

This one is a "Quick, Jasmine... Mummy left the paints on the table and now she's not looking" coordinated effort. But Byron did most of it. It's very 3-D because it was piles of thick paint squirted straight out of the bottles, about 2-3cm high off the paper. Lots of fun, until Mummy noticed...

One of Byron's many black paintings. :)
No, Mummy! He's already warm! (when told I was knitting a jumper for his toy sheep)
Dear God, thankyou for our lunch and bless your cotton socks, in Jesus' name... GO!
I want to go to a very happy place, and that's Grandpa's house.
Uncle Matt and Auntie Kylie's wedding: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ObdJlm42fw
B: I'm a superhero and my super protects me from being hurt. So I don't cry too much. And I don't laugh as much.
Mum: You don't laugh as much?
B: No, because I'm protected from tickling.
B read me "Green Eggs and Ham" and did a pretty good job
B: These socks are nice and comfy and warm!
Mum: You can tell people at playgroup I made them for you.
B: NO! They might say "you can't have those socks!" I don't want to tell anyone! I'm serious!
B: Mummy, you know everything, don't you?
Mum: Nearly.
B: You do, actually.
Whoever wins the game gets to win the game.
I don't like this tea. It's got boogs in it! (Dinner time is always a struggle, but that was a new one.)
I'm going to be Mr. Incredible. Very, very strong! (walks off swaying his shoulders...)
(lifting his legs up and down): Look, Jasmine; I'm getting strong. Do you want to have a go, so you can get stronger and push Daddy?
I just like being naughty, no smacks.
Our 3yo. Clever enough to defeat the lock on the childproof kitchen gate. Still silly enough to brag to Mummy about it.
B: Why did it just get quiet?
Mum: Because we all stopped talking. (this doesn't happen much with Byron around)
B: Please can I have a banana?
Mum: No, it's nearly tea time. I know you're hungry.
B: I'm not hungry!
M: Then why do you want a banana?
B: I'm hungry!!
M: ?!
B: I'm just hungry coz I want a BANANA!