Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer, 2012-2013

December, January, February

On holidays near Lorne


Spiderman donut

Starting grade prep at Haddon PS. 

Prep teacher at Haddon Primary School: Sam Benn

Spring, 2012

Having a go at writing :)

Little bro, big bro

Knitted school socks. At the start of sickness...

Overnight stay in hospital (not that it helped) to check out the stomach pains

Slept like this, knees up (when he slept) the week or so he was sick.

Our 19yo neighbor, Cynthia, invited the kids over to see the baby goats

He was not happy with the kinder "friend" who did this :)

Custom made hang-glider (so he told me)

Suddenly got the idea of coloring

Bonfire at "Cynthia's" place (AKA neighborhood Christmas barbie)

Kinder visits the Farm!

Winter, 2012

June, July, August

Autumn, 2012

March, April, May