Thursday, December 3, 2009

November, 2009

How does one go about getting cute pictures of a naughty 2-year-old? I know...!

Hehehe. Well, okay, he's also pretty cute when he's not asleep in bed, in the car or on the beanbags... he just doesn't smile and stay still at the same time very often Ü

Quotes for Nov
"Mummy, stop making noises! I'm trying to watch the news!"
"I think I could climb into it and get a pig..." (after watching some cute piglets on TV)
"There are two left." (I took the jelly bean container off him and said if he could count how many he had taken out, he and Jasmine could share them. He showed me the hand containing two... and hid the other handful behind his back!)
He's also started the annoying habit of repeating what someone just told him. But he has learned how to control his temper enough to (sometimes) yell, "No Thankyou, Jasmine!!" instead of just whacking her. Progress ;)

Thursday, November 5, 2009

October 2009

Getting a lesson from Daddy on How to Pedal.


At the Goldsmith Steam Rally (boys' day out with Daddy; technically Nov 1...)

Emptying the dry dirt from many pots into the rainwater in the empty sandpit = MUD
Despite the look on his face, he was allowed to play in it. Did a lot of washing that week.

Up under the handle of the treadmill. Anything to pretend he's riding a motorbike!

My legs aren't sore... I think I can walk... yep! (self-testing after seeing a boy in a wheelchair on TV)
Don't unchance me! (When told he was naughty and couldn't have another chance. He was angry at the punishment (Jasmine got a lollipop and he didn't) though she let him have hers shortly after.)
Two is enough... (different opinion to Mummy re. iceypoles)
I'm not being good, but I'm still being good! (trying to convince Mummy)
Daddy: Come here.
Byron: You have to say, "Come here, little robot" (he had a bucket on his head) and you have to say please!
Mastered the forward roll
Told the toy horse all about his day yesterday
Reads books when he should be asleep (he's realized that we hear the click of the light going on, so he leaves it off, but he still reads out loud Ü)
Cleaned the tables at Happy Jacks (playground) with the toilet brush he found
Taught Jasmine how to ride a motorbike (the only props were two toy rings, used for steering wheels)

Sunday, October 11, 2009


Playing with the frame of Daddy's buggy

Climbing up the rope ladder as easily as a monkey. Loves going to the playground!

Taking the wheel and going for a spin ;)

He doesn't think rain is any sort of reason not to play outside, and why would you when your big (size 5) raincoat covers you so well?
I didn't record so many quotes this month, as he talks more or less constantly; instead I wrote some of the things he's been up to.
This month Byron's been into posting things into cracks (like books and spoons into the gaps of my treadmill). Nathan's also been trying to get him to say "J" because he actually says "j" as "dy", like "dyasmine". Once, when I asked him to say "Jjjjjj-asmine" he said to me, "Daddy's at work, so I don't have to say DYAY!" hehe.
He puts on his boots and heads outside all the time, which is fine, as we have an enclosed little yard. But sometimes I put him over the fence and he explores the paddock and chases the sheep. Once, when he was a bit far to see over the longish grass, I called out to him, and the neighbor waved and pointed. He was at the back fence asking him to lift him over ;).
He seems to pick up words and ideas all over the place with ease. He told me he had whiskers (brushing his cheek with his toe) and that our seagull ornament was actually an Albatross. He plays "boilers" with a broom, sweeping dusty ground up into "steam". He plays with an imaginary dog. He says "Goodbye" to his fruitcake before taking a bite! When I told him my back was sore, he took me to "hospital" (his room), told me to lay down, fed me imaginary cheese, read me "Rub a dub dub, who are these men in a tub, who a think a be.... they all sailed out to sea", turned off the light and shut the door behind me.
He had a great time tipping water over Jasmine's head (she thought it was great because it just dripped off her hat). When she was crying one day, he said to her, "Come here, sit on my knee and I give you a cuddle." Cute, but he mostly says "That's enough kisses!!" and pushes her away. Though one nice night he said to me, "Mummy, I need LOTS of kisses" and then said, "Thankyou, Mummy; I love kisses!" He likes feeding Jasmine, and even dishes her up more (out of his plate) if he is close enough.
He was walking around stamping his left foot, and when I asked what he was doing he said he was trying to start his motorbike. He can count to ten, though he wasn't specifically taught to (and I think his "Look, four blocks..." is more clever than reciting stuff.) He can half-quote lots of rhymes, like Ring a Ring a Rosie, Old King Cole, Diddle Diddle Dumpling, Hot Cross Buns, etc. and "reads" them (and other books) to Jasmine.
He's still at the very naughty and defiant stage (and spends a fair bit of time on his bed some days), but he's still, by far, one of the cutest, cleverest, nicest little people I've ever met. Hehehe.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

August, 2009

The serious business of fixing mowers.

Look what I can do once I've put the pots all over the kitchen floor.

So serious...

But this is what happens when I say, "Smile, Byron..."

Cuddling Jasmine
Quotes of the month:

I'm hungry! I need chocolate. (each day)

Mummy, I need my socks on coz my feet get cold if they get cold.

I'm NOT tired, I'm a BOY.

Don't get lost, Mummy (as I followed him around Target, a bit too slowly)

You can't have more wool; you've got your own wool (I was buying more, but he thinks my yarn stash is big enough.)
Mummy, I won't wake you up, Mummy.... I won't wake you up any more, Mummy... Mummy? Mummy!
Hey, where are you going? (to a stranger walking by)
He also...
Took off PJ pants and put on tracksuit pants

Next day, took off PJ pants and wet nappy, and put on PJ's over bare butt.

Told me off for turning his pillow upside down

Spent 3 hours at a Macka's playground, and all he remembered, when Daddy asked about it, was that "Mummy spilt her orange juice all over place!"
Spent days talking about wheels and whistles and muskets and fires after a visit to Sovereign Hill.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

July, 2009

Puts his own boots on and heads outside regularly. He can't get out of this small yard (yet) but loves to have a bit of freedom, especially with puddles like this about!

He was feeling cold, so he put on a jumper (around his waist) and a tshirt Ü

Now Byron is in the big bed! We took the side off the cot, as he was climbing over it anyway, and found him on the floor a few times. At least this bed has rails! Jasmine got promoted from the portacot to Byron's old cot Ü

Quotes for July:
"Ginger beer, ginger beer, ginger beer, ginger beer" (sung to the tune of "Spider man")
"Ding Dong!" (When knocking on his bedroom door didn't get results quickly enough)
"Mummy, go faster!!" (in the car)
"No, MOPS is on Tuesday. Bye." (talking on pretend phone)
"I'm going to be a man... and put on a hat."
"No, thankyou. I'd like a chocolate frog, though..." (response to biscuit offer)
Me: What's your "bzzer" today? Chainsaw? Jigsaw? Whipper snipper?
Byron: It's not a whipper snipper, it's a spoon!
"There's no reason for you to be in there!"
"All day long" (catch phrase of the month.)
"Goodnight Mummy, goodnight Jasmine, goodnight chairs, goodnight curtains, goodnight window....."
Also sings the whole alphabet song. Got a video of most of it, but can't seem to put it on with sound (which is pointless). Can count things (as he points to them) up to about 7.

Friday, July 10, 2009

June, 2009

June Quotes from Byron:

"I might put wings on my back" (full of brilliant ideas)
"abcefdhj elamo p.... s...." (getting there with the alphabet song)
"I'm freezing, Mummy!" (after playing outside in whatever water he could find)
"Monsters! Don't bite me! Here... [feeds pancake] you go!" (talking to the pictures on his jumper)
"I don't have wings. I can't fly." (patiently explaining to Jasmine)
"I don't think so" (answer to Daddy's "We're going to wash your hair")
"Here, Mummy, have my screwdriver" (the answer to my "Daddy has locked it with a key")

Gardens/playground near our house

Loves his sunglasses.

Cooking a concoction on the swing

Preferred to climb up this way than the ladder on the other side.

She's finally here! I told him Zara was coming over. Unfortunately she got held up a few minutes, so Byron sat here about 10 minutes, waiting, and saying "Come on, Zara!"

Friday, June 5, 2009

May, 2009

Byron learned a great new skill in May...

So we took off the side. He has half a bed! He hasn't rolled off yet, but there is another long pillow on the floor in case he does Ü He still sleeps all over the place.

There are also new childproof doorhandles (great idea, Kelly) after the night where we had to put him back in bed about 10 times between 3 and 4am. Now he has to knock on his door to get out :D
Here's an early present from Grandma and Grandpa. He loves the whiteboard side the best.

This month, on the 17th, he turned TWO!

Here are some little Byron Comments for May:
"I want a drink, Mummy... of coffee!"
"I want to see Daddy in the shed making things." [getting on well with long sentences]
Puts a bendy ruler in his mouth and snaps like a croc.
[to Jasmine] "Got to be careful when you use oven. Bit hot."
[to me] "Stop being silly!" [presses 'button' on my shoulder] "Stop!"
"Jasmine" [no more cute "Jazzem". sob.]
"Look, Mummy! Green frog! Da-glumph went little green frog one day" [playschool song]
"Oooo! Look; all fluffy!" [checking out Daddy's underarms]
[told to apologize to Jas]: "Sorry, Jazzem, Sorry, Jazzem... (cuddle)... Nice cuddle. Thanks for nice cuddle, Jas-men. Don't cry. I won't hurt you any more."
[sees Suzanne walking over] "There's my neighbor, Mummy!"
[encouraging] "Oh, that's good digging, Jasmine!"
[inquiring] "How was school, Daddy?"
[generous] "Want some icecream, Jasmine?"
"I might go to the bakery. I love the bakery!"
"One monkey jumping on the bed; one fell off and bumped his head. Mummy called the doctor, the doctor said: [growly voice] 'No more monkeys jumping on the bed!'" Playschool song.
[crying] "You have to change my nappy! It's all pooey!" [Anything to escape time out!]
"Bless to us in Jesus' name, amen" [unprompted grace]
[to Jasmine] "Don't you break my chainsaw; you'll get bzzzzzed, you will!"
[Encouraged to answer "My name is Byron" when asked his name] "My name's 'ME', Mummy. I'm Me!" [technically June 1, but too cute to wait:]

I like this one. No complaining, future-Byron, because it was almost the one where you were sitting on the pot staring at the Nappy-box TV.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

March, 2009

He can say a lot of words, and I've been keeping track of some of the entertaining comments he's come out with in the last month.

"Xylophone... watering can... look, Jazzem: Umbrella..." (reading the Wiggles ABC book to Jasmine)

"Love you, teddy. Love you, teddy. Mwah [kiss]"
"Number 1: first in line" (Wiggles song)
"Hello down there! Hello, girl!" (to Jasmine)
"Not yet, not yet, no no no" (reading "The Bike Lesson" to Jasmine)
"Maybe after Playschool watch Sportacus again?" (addicted to "Lazy Town")
"Zara! Zara! Come here!!" (wandering around the house trying to transport his friend over to visit with the power of his mind.)
"Hurry up, Mummy. I'm ready Now." (wanting some milk)
"NOT!" (his very quick response to Daddy's dinner time question: "Is it going to go in Byron's mouth, or not?")
"Somebody's playing music!" (listening to the magpies)
"Beep, mmmmmmmmm, beep, beep" (pretending to cook in his pretend microwave.)
"Music! Mmmmmmmmm" (pointing at the freezer Ü)
"It's cordial, Mummy" (when asked if he'd like some 'juice'.)
"Don't cut me, just get away" (talking to the scissors as he was using them to cut some wool)
"It was a very nice tea, Mummy. Thankyou, Mummy." (unprompted! He's having a polite phase, I think.)
"We go a liberry today?" (Daily question. Loves the library because there are climbing cushions)
hehehe. I'll have to keep writing them down.

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Doing a bit of drawing

Doing a bit of "cooking"

Testing his 13 teeth on an apple

Climbing high enough to reach his books on the 4th shelf

Good old Library books

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

January 09

Testing out the buggy frame (he climbed in, of course. Then we talked about snakes!)

Why we keep a long pillow around the top of his cot.

It was a long day...

Chasing some sheep with a bottle of rice. The idea was to shake it and they would come to get oats. Now they come for oats if they SEE us. Ü

Faking sleep.