Thursday, January 17, 2008

Jan 18, 2008

Well, Byron is having a wonderful time, now that he's figured out crawling. He doesn't flop onto his stomach much, and though he looks slightly awkward, he's quite quick. Turn your back for a second and...
He was weighed on the 14th and was 8.81 kilos, which is right on average for 8 months. Of course, he wasn't 8 months until the 17th, and for his "birthday" he got two new sharp teeth, coming up from the bottom gum.

He's eating well (he had (minced) tuna casserole today) and is getting into trouble every 5 minutes for playing with power cords. I noticed he can twist his tongue sideways, but when I mentioned this to Nathan he said, "So what? Everyone can." Well, not me, so it must be a genetic thing he got from Nathan.
Other tricks he's been up to include dancing to music (especially shaking his head), waving and giving sloppy kisses. Tonight he is starting to sleep in the cot overnight, as he keeps wriggling to the top of the cradle and then getting cross when his head presses the top.
Hmmm, Daddy is comfy...

Byron and Nathan

Locked out of the kitchen!!

So many more toys, now that I can crawl!

Just in case anyone is thinking of having a baby out there... lol!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Jan 9, 2008

Going out

Coming home.

New stuff from Auntie Kelly.

Mmmmmm! Raw zucchini!

The destructive phase begins!

He learned to say mumumum before Christmas, but by Christmas was onto Brrrrooom. Now it's all Dadadad. He can't sit still long. He starts off sitting, folds in his right leg and leans forward into a crawling position. If he's already lying down, he does a pushup and tucks his knees under. He can move his hands but can't quite get his knees coordinated. He can inch forward, though, or roll over and over to get somewhere.

His current goal in life is to reach the power cord and make his mummy growl at him, which is hilarious. He likes all his toys, but prefers grass, if possible. He likes most food, but his current favorite is raw zucchini.

Dec 30

Seeing if he can fit into the dishes bucket (for camping)

Pushups. Could push up and slip backwards and get all over the room this way by Christmas, but he was frustrated, because he was trying to go forward!

Presents from his Dad and Mum: blocks, rings and a little pool.

All ready for Christmas lunch in his Rudolf tshirt. He tried all the meat and veges we had, stuffed into his little mesh bag feeder.

Ready to go camping, squished in beside the esky.

Sleeping in his camping bed: a fold up baby tent with a mozzie screen.

Relaxing by the pool in his new bathers. It was 35 degrees, so we went home the next day and missed out on the 39-40 degree days. Too hot for tenting.

Swimming in the pool at home. Another hot day!