Friday, June 5, 2009

May, 2009

Byron learned a great new skill in May...

So we took off the side. He has half a bed! He hasn't rolled off yet, but there is another long pillow on the floor in case he does Ü He still sleeps all over the place.

There are also new childproof doorhandles (great idea, Kelly) after the night where we had to put him back in bed about 10 times between 3 and 4am. Now he has to knock on his door to get out :D
Here's an early present from Grandma and Grandpa. He loves the whiteboard side the best.

This month, on the 17th, he turned TWO!

Here are some little Byron Comments for May:
"I want a drink, Mummy... of coffee!"
"I want to see Daddy in the shed making things." [getting on well with long sentences]
Puts a bendy ruler in his mouth and snaps like a croc.
[to Jasmine] "Got to be careful when you use oven. Bit hot."
[to me] "Stop being silly!" [presses 'button' on my shoulder] "Stop!"
"Jasmine" [no more cute "Jazzem". sob.]
"Look, Mummy! Green frog! Da-glumph went little green frog one day" [playschool song]
"Oooo! Look; all fluffy!" [checking out Daddy's underarms]
[told to apologize to Jas]: "Sorry, Jazzem, Sorry, Jazzem... (cuddle)... Nice cuddle. Thanks for nice cuddle, Jas-men. Don't cry. I won't hurt you any more."
[sees Suzanne walking over] "There's my neighbor, Mummy!"
[encouraging] "Oh, that's good digging, Jasmine!"
[inquiring] "How was school, Daddy?"
[generous] "Want some icecream, Jasmine?"
"I might go to the bakery. I love the bakery!"
"One monkey jumping on the bed; one fell off and bumped his head. Mummy called the doctor, the doctor said: [growly voice] 'No more monkeys jumping on the bed!'" Playschool song.
[crying] "You have to change my nappy! It's all pooey!" [Anything to escape time out!]
"Bless to us in Jesus' name, amen" [unprompted grace]
[to Jasmine] "Don't you break my chainsaw; you'll get bzzzzzed, you will!"
[Encouraged to answer "My name is Byron" when asked his name] "My name's 'ME', Mummy. I'm Me!" [technically June 1, but too cute to wait:]

I like this one. No complaining, future-Byron, because it was almost the one where you were sitting on the pot staring at the Nappy-box TV.