Tuesday, August 14, 2007

About Byron (by Mummy)

Byron was finally born at 6:15am on May 17. He weighed 3270g. Everyone in the family came to visit him on his very first day (everyone in town, that is) because his Daddy wouldn't tell them whether he was a boy or girl. Of course, they probably would have visitted anyway, but Daddy thought it was fun to say "We've had the baby" and no more. Ü

Here is a little history of Byron so far:

May 19: Weight down to 3050g. Much more interested in sleeping than eating. A bit jaundiced and dehydrated. The nurses couldn't get the heel-prick test. Byron ended up having about 10 needles in all, to his heels, the back of his hands, and finally, successfully, from his radial artery. In the end (when it was dark) they decided we could take him home.
May 21: Visitted the Paed's clinic for another jaundice blood test. Weight down to 3020g.
May 23: Weight 3150g
June 6: Weight 3480g
June 13: Weight 3740g
June 25: Weight 4200g. Smiling quite well.
June 29: 6 weeks 1 day old. Had some professional photos taken. Little neighbor Zara was born.
July 1: Started sleeping 6 hours overnight nearly every night.
July 3: Started playing with his toy dog (getting his hands onto its fur, anyway)
July 5: First visit to playgroup
July 9: Weight 4680g
July 17: For his 2 month birthday he had 3 nice injections Ü
July 23: First illness (nasty cough that lasted a week. Poor appetite, and even saw the GP.)
July 24: Weight 5030g. Age 9 weeks 5 days.
July 28: First Tupperware party Ü. Started reading him Dr. Seuss books, which he seems to like.
August 5: First giggle (while being tickled)
August 13: Weight 5890g (Zara was 5985g last week!)
August 14: First giggle when not being tickled; he was just watching Daddy pop up from behind the couch. Started watching Play School. He can't take his eyes off the TV, and often smiles at the songs and stories.
August 15: First email address (ByronJoshua@hotmail.com) and first blog!

Now Byron is nearly 13 weeks old. He's happy and healthy, and he's getting cuter and more fun every day!

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