Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Dec 30

Seeing if he can fit into the dishes bucket (for camping)

Pushups. Could push up and slip backwards and get all over the room this way by Christmas, but he was frustrated, because he was trying to go forward!

Presents from his Dad and Mum: blocks, rings and a little pool.

All ready for Christmas lunch in his Rudolf tshirt. He tried all the meat and veges we had, stuffed into his little mesh bag feeder.

Ready to go camping, squished in beside the esky.

Sleeping in his camping bed: a fold up baby tent with a mozzie screen.

Relaxing by the pool in his new bathers. It was 35 degrees, so we went home the next day and missed out on the 39-40 degree days. Too hot for tenting.

Swimming in the pool at home. Another hot day!

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