Tuesday, April 7, 2009

March, 2009

He can say a lot of words, and I've been keeping track of some of the entertaining comments he's come out with in the last month.

"Xylophone... watering can... look, Jazzem: Umbrella..." (reading the Wiggles ABC book to Jasmine)

"Love you, teddy. Love you, teddy. Mwah [kiss]"
"Number 1: first in line" (Wiggles song)
"Hello down there! Hello, girl!" (to Jasmine)
"Not yet, not yet, no no no" (reading "The Bike Lesson" to Jasmine)
"Maybe after Playschool watch Sportacus again?" (addicted to "Lazy Town")
"Zara! Zara! Come here!!" (wandering around the house trying to transport his friend over to visit with the power of his mind.)
"Hurry up, Mummy. I'm ready Now." (wanting some milk)
"NOT!" (his very quick response to Daddy's dinner time question: "Is it going to go in Byron's mouth, or not?")
"Somebody's playing music!" (listening to the magpies)
"Beep, mmmmmmmmm, beep, beep" (pretending to cook in his pretend microwave.)
"Music! Mmmmmmmmm" (pointing at the freezer Ü)
"It's cordial, Mummy" (when asked if he'd like some 'juice'.)
"Don't cut me, just get away" (talking to the scissors as he was using them to cut some wool)
"It was a very nice tea, Mummy. Thankyou, Mummy." (unprompted! He's having a polite phase, I think.)
"We go a liberry today?" (Daily question. Loves the library because there are climbing cushions)
hehehe. I'll have to keep writing them down.

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kelgell said...

I LOVE the things kids say. They provide so much amusement. So cute.

He's looking like such a confident climber too. Just casually nested on the handle perusing the shelf. Ha ha.