Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Winter, 2011

June, July, August

Don't be fooled by the Good Big Brother look. He makes her push him back up the hill!

Rock climbing at Scienceworks. He'll be back!


Jasmine: Do aliens fly?
Byron: Aliens don't catch flies. Lizards catch flies.

Byron has been learning to write a few letters. He was concentrating on his writing so hard one day, that he fell off the chair.

On waking up one morning: There were dinosaurs... a monster outside my bedroom window... no, it wasn't a dream... but luckily I'm some sort of superhero.

regarding hot chips: I don't like crunchy. Crunchy is NOT my friend.

I want real chocolate, not brown.

Byron to Zachary (quoting Shrek): Wanna dance, pretty boy?

Byron: I am so "not"

Daddy: What can we do to help you not wet your bed?
Byron: Let me stay up.
Daddy: How will that help?
Byron: Erm.... you'll see!

Mummy: Come on! Don't you want to go to Play Group?
Byron: Yes.
Mummy: Then perhaps you could be a bit helpful?
Byron, excited: I'll drive!

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kelgell said...

Oh my goodness! What a laugh! He's such a smarty pants. Creative, intelligent mind there. Oh, he's sounding so grown up. Still love his random superheroness and the things he comes out with in conversation like the 'wait and see' in staying up and the helpful offer to drive. LOL. But hot chips are best with some crunch.