Thursday, September 15, 2016


This is the year Byron turns seven, and now his blog is an annual thing. Hard to keep up with these, as you might see from the post date :)

Sitting in the shade with Kissy one hot day

First day of grade 1

After school sprinkler fun

One of the playground stops when we rode around Vic park

Loves both Lego and Star Wars

What Byron gave me for Mother's day

Lego spy glasses

Dyeing wool for an end of year gift for his teacher

Really got into reading this year, thanks partly to a teacher who read them lots of "gross" kids books

class picnic

At the water park

1 comment:

kelgell said...

Ha ha. You really just need to find the right stories to capture their reading attention huh?

And he's so clever and creative with his lego building.