Tuesday, September 11, 2007

September 11

Byron woke up Sunday making a new sound: "zzzZZZZzzzz". He he he. It was only a day or two later that I realized he was just trying to blow a raspberry back at me, because now it's more half zzz, half raspberry. He can say "goo" and "hah" but "mummy" is a long way off yet, I think.

He's also putting everything in his mouth!! We think he might be getting some teeth soon, but there are no emerging sharp bits yet.

New little overalls because the others are getting too small.
But these ones are still a bit big...

On Father's Day we drove to the gardens and wandered around, (which is what Daddy wanted to do). Byron also helped to make a card by scribbling on the front (while trying to eat the pen) and getting his handprint stamped. Then he had a blue hand for the rest of the day!

He found the gardens fascinating, and wanted to sit up in the pram to see all the trees.

Much as he likes to sit up, he can't hold himself up, so it's a bit safer to strap him in. He thought it was funny being strapped in with Bluey.

Byron got his second package in the mail, and it was from Auntie Kelly again. In it was this very cute, soft woolly jumper, which fits perfectly.

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kelgell said...

He is so incredibly gorgeous! I love the one of him in the pram with Bluey.