Monday, September 17, 2007

September 17

Byron is 4 months old today, and we went back to the health care nurse to get him weighed. He is now up to 6.69 kilos, which is a little higher again on the charts (about the 40th percentile). He didn't get any needles today (like he did for his 2 month birthday)... that's coming up in a few weeks Ü . His treat for the day was getting to meet Priscilla. He was a big show off for her, and rolled onto his back about 5 times in a row Ü

Preparing for a strenuous pram walk around the lake
by getting some quick zz's in his comfy car seat

Sitting (one of his favorite things to do) in a big, comfy armchair with the new teddy bear he got from (great) Gran.

I was trying to get a photo of the tshirt and brown denim jeans I bought, but all he wanted to do was pull silly faces! he he.

This is the sad face that makes his Mummy and Daddy laugh, even though they shouldn't.

I turned on the light to give him his midnight bottle. He usually sleeps through it all, but this time he objected to the light, turned his face into his sleeping bag hood, and went back to sleep!

What he was wearing today. Mummy had to get a photo, because she made the jumper.

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kelgell said...

cute pics as always!

i wish I could have visited Priscilla as well.