Sunday, November 4, 2007

November 5 part 2

On Nov 2, having been enjoying his apple cores, I thought I'd give him something different, and opened up a baby tin of vege mash. He pulled a funny face, but yesterday I gave him some more of it, and he just about hyperventilated if it took too long to get his next spoon. Of course, the mash, which is mostly pumpkin, stained everything yellow! I tried to weigh him (holding him and not holding him when I stood on the scales) and he seems to be about 7.7 kilos.
He's also decided, in the last few days, that he likes rolling onto his stomach after all, so he does it constantly. His little playmat world is getting too small.
The Weight of the World. He thought it was funny.

On top of the World (ie, the exercise ball we sit on at the computer)

Cheeky little monkey

Woke up early one morning, and decided it would be fun to pull in the mesh that hangs around his bed. I got up to see what he was chuckling about.

Loves chomping on an apple core.

Snuggley and cute after waking up from his morning sleep

He likes to "type", but he thought he was pretty clever when he pulled the whole keyboard into his lap.

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Michael said...

OH man he is so cute!! ONe of the guys here (I'm at Mike and Daniels..from church...about to have dinner like we do most Sundays) said, "He is so friken adorable" He he. Love the one of him under the ball. Gorgeous!!!