Sunday, November 4, 2007

November 5

These pictures are all from Oct 17, when he turned 5 months old. Beautiful day. We started some farex again, and he was pretty keen. Wrestled the spoon away from me... I had to give him one and get another one for me. He he. Then I “gave” him his Tupperware baby cup, which I bought at Heather's ages ago, and he's been chomping on it since. I put some milk in it, but that was a bit of a mess Ü's currently got a few bits of pasta in it, so it rattles.

Byron and Bluey easily fitting into the birdbath.

He seems to love the feel of grass.

Flaked out in the cot. He likes to sleep on his right side.

Testing out his cup. More milk on his tshirt than in his mouth, of course.

We parked across the road, and three cows came along to say hi. Byron thought they were great!

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