Saturday, December 15, 2007

December 16

I haven't put the pictures from the camera onto the computer for a while, so when I did there were 130! While I was searching through them, I was singing "Alouette" and Byron was giggling madly, like he speaks French and understood the words. he he.

He wriggled his way over until finally he was completely under the table.

Helping his mum to sort out the decorations.

He got pretty wet before he got the proper bit in his mouth. Spent quite a while trying to get to the water through the side of the bottle!

Really wish I knew what he was thinking here. Something mischievous...

Chomping on the car keys.

He's learning to wave. Here he is in his new high chair.

One of his favorite games... sit down, stand up (times 50!!).

At his "desk".

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kelgell said...

Oh so cute! I can't believe he's in a highchair and learning to wave already. Wow. I can't wait to meet him.