Wednesday, April 16, 2008

April 17

11 months old today!

Lots of little things about Byron:

He can stand and balance (without holding on) for about 20 seconds, and will do so to show off.

He likes his new “cage” so far (it's a play pen, really to keep the new baby safe from him!)

He has You Tube favorites.

Most days he only has one midday nap.

He still has a bottle in the middle of the night (about 2 or 3am).

He likes most food... if he can feed himself. Favorites are cheese, sultanas and biscuits. (He will let you feed him if it's icecream or apple porridge or something similar).

He likes playing with his cardboard books, but his favorite is “The B book” read by Daddy.

He's now got a big boy car seat.

He loves Playschool but gets bored with “the story”. He dances to songs a lot.

He has 3 bottom teeth.

He can open drawers... and bins.

He can drink with a straw, and loves strawberry thickshakes

He likes watching birds but his favorite thing to watch is the dryer

He loves wool (but only the stuff his mum is knitting with) and he tries to sweep with the broom.

He loves to bash the computer keyboard.

He can climb down off the couch or treadmill... but seems to prefer climbing up.

He hasn't worked out how to climb up the bookshelf... yet.

He can twist his tongue sideways.

He growls (sometimes while he's giggling, which is funny) and he chats to himself all day.

He loves pulling books off the bookshelf.

He likes to squat down and spring up (especially if you act like you got a fright)

He likes buttons, especially ones like the printer button which make noise

He can walk with his walker and turn right, but not left

His favorite word to say is currently Doogan (I think it might come from how often he hears the phrase "What are you doin'?")

Waking up all sweaty on a warm day.

Helping mummy make biscuits.

Standing up on a box to reach the mouse. (Actually it's a cordless mouse which I put there to distract him from the connected one. As long as I say, "Hey, stop clicking that!" every now and then, he's perfectly content in the knowledge that he's annoying me.)

Visiting Sovereign Hill. He wasn't sure about the big horses, but he liked seeing his Daddy and the steam works. He also saw the Gold Pour, tried a bun from the bakery, got rained on, ate some Sovereign Hill gravel, watched the gold panners, and generally took everything in.

Checking out the battery from up on the walkway.

Watching the wheels at the Beam Pump.

Long lost Auntie Kelly.

er... Knitting!

Sam the dog.

We got him a walker, and he can now turn it when he runs into something (right only), but I think he's spent more time getting in and out of the box Ü

More boxes! (This is the one for his new car seat)

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