Saturday, May 17, 2008

Byron's Birthday - May 17

Happy birthday, little boy!

Opening the first present, a bear night light. We also gave him a board book, some clothes, and Mummy knitted him a hooded vest.

Spent most of the morning playing with all the balloons that turned up in his playpen.

When it occurs to him that, even though he's sick of ripping paper, when he does... everyone cheers!

One of two icecream cakes (there were lots of people).

I used "Cookies and Cream" icecream, put a bit of Ice Magic in the middle, and colored choc chips on top.

New clothes and new cars.

Checking out the sleeping bag "accessories"

He had to go outside today (May 18), to help his parents and Uncle Jason put up the garden shed. He supervised from the pram, while looking cute in his new coat.

Definitely a favorite. We had to take it away before he'd so much as look towards another present.

Things Byron tries to say: Dog "Duh", bath "BAAA!!", bird "buh", shut "shuh", shoes "shzz", cheese "chshhh", toes "tuh", mum, daddy "daDA", Ra Ra (dog noise), grrr and brrrm, [what are you] doin' "doogan", socks "sop". He can walk 3 or 4 steps, but can rarely be bothered. He has two new top teeth. He can go anywhere with his walker, but still seems to prefer the box... or to get down and check out the wheels like a little mechanic. He will spontaneously kiss and hug... even his toys or a picture he likes. He has been seen licking the rug, presumably to see if the pattern tastes different. He waves at his reflection, and his shadow. He loves Hi 5, and bounces on his mesh bouncer (which is his "chair") to the music. His palms are ticklish. He likes to pull his socks off in separate places. His top three most exciting things are watching the dryer, having a "BAAA!!", and going outside with Daddy.


kelgell said...

That's all so cute. The photos are great and his "party" was fun. Love that ice cream cake. Totally delicious! If I had a car I'd come out and eat my bonus piece!! I'll have to keep that recipe in store. Mmm.

Alrischa said...

There was about 2/3 of a cake left in our freezer... but not for long! And it's not much of a recipe, really. You just melt the icecream a bit and refreeze it into a cake shape. hehe.

He's up to about 6 steps, now, and has finally worked out that it's quicker to take a few steps between things than to get down and get up. (Plus he loves getting applause and praise for walking a bit.)

Pretty soon it will be "Sit down, Byron! Will you sit still!" Ü