Friday, July 25, 2008


I'm a scary pirate! Don't mess with me!
He spent about 5 minutes trying to knock down the phone before he gave up.

I love "AH DIN!" He also loves carrying frozen stuff from the freezer (in the laundry) up to the kitchen for Mummy, because he cries when we take it off him.

I dare you to put it on the FOURTH shelf, because I'll get it there, too!

Byron's response to the question "Do you want to go outside?"

Outside! He's practicing walking with his sneakers on the rough paddock ground. It's not easy.

Where he got stuck while trying to get the mop or something.
Er... a little help?

Pikelets (with lemon and sugar, of course) for breaky

How mummy found them when she came home from grocery shopping.

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kelgell said...

Those photos are all so cute. Mischiefous and fun. I wanna come visit again.