Friday, July 25, 2008


Yes, I'm posting this at the end of July, but Byron's new little sister has thrown a spanner into the amount of time available for playing on the internet. So here are a few pictures from June...
Bath, just before getting his first haircut

His little "chair" for watching TV, bouncing to songs and 'veging'

One grumpy day, when he wouldn't do anything, he managed to snag this tomato out of the fridge and chomped it into smithereens for about 15 minutes. Had to have a bath afterwards, but, oh, well... he was happy!

Byron's first "campfire", burning some scrap wood

Byron was given an unopened iceypole, as he seemed to love chewing something cold. A few minutes later, we realized he'd opened it with his teeth... and half frozen his little cheeks!

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kelgell said...

I LOVE seeing these great pics and reading the little stories that go with them. So funny. What a character he is! Wonder what him and Jasmine will get up to together...