Friday, July 10, 2009

June, 2009

June Quotes from Byron:

"I might put wings on my back" (full of brilliant ideas)
"abcefdhj elamo p.... s...." (getting there with the alphabet song)
"I'm freezing, Mummy!" (after playing outside in whatever water he could find)
"Monsters! Don't bite me! Here... [feeds pancake] you go!" (talking to the pictures on his jumper)
"I don't have wings. I can't fly." (patiently explaining to Jasmine)
"I don't think so" (answer to Daddy's "We're going to wash your hair")
"Here, Mummy, have my screwdriver" (the answer to my "Daddy has locked it with a key")

Gardens/playground near our house

Loves his sunglasses.

Cooking a concoction on the swing

Preferred to climb up this way than the ladder on the other side.

She's finally here! I told him Zara was coming over. Unfortunately she got held up a few minutes, so Byron sat here about 10 minutes, waiting, and saying "Come on, Zara!"

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kelgell said...

ah ha ha. He's great. I imagine that up the tree picture will be a common place to find him. Pity your trees won't be big enough for him to climb. And that ladder must be no challenge. ha ha. His sayings are funny...but he's starting to get quite cheeky too. Hmmmmmm...