Thursday, August 6, 2009

July, 2009

Puts his own boots on and heads outside regularly. He can't get out of this small yard (yet) but loves to have a bit of freedom, especially with puddles like this about!

He was feeling cold, so he put on a jumper (around his waist) and a tshirt Ü

Now Byron is in the big bed! We took the side off the cot, as he was climbing over it anyway, and found him on the floor a few times. At least this bed has rails! Jasmine got promoted from the portacot to Byron's old cot Ü

Quotes for July:
"Ginger beer, ginger beer, ginger beer, ginger beer" (sung to the tune of "Spider man")
"Ding Dong!" (When knocking on his bedroom door didn't get results quickly enough)
"Mummy, go faster!!" (in the car)
"No, MOPS is on Tuesday. Bye." (talking on pretend phone)
"I'm going to be a man... and put on a hat."
"No, thankyou. I'd like a chocolate frog, though..." (response to biscuit offer)
Me: What's your "bzzer" today? Chainsaw? Jigsaw? Whipper snipper?
Byron: It's not a whipper snipper, it's a spoon!
"There's no reason for you to be in there!"
"All day long" (catch phrase of the month.)
"Goodnight Mummy, goodnight Jasmine, goodnight chairs, goodnight curtains, goodnight window....."
Also sings the whole alphabet song. Got a video of most of it, but can't seem to put it on with sound (which is pointless). Can count things (as he points to them) up to about 7.

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kelgell said...

Love reading those quotes and that puddle is awesome!! What fun for him!