Thursday, November 5, 2009

October 2009

Getting a lesson from Daddy on How to Pedal.


At the Goldsmith Steam Rally (boys' day out with Daddy; technically Nov 1...)

Emptying the dry dirt from many pots into the rainwater in the empty sandpit = MUD
Despite the look on his face, he was allowed to play in it. Did a lot of washing that week.

Up under the handle of the treadmill. Anything to pretend he's riding a motorbike!

My legs aren't sore... I think I can walk... yep! (self-testing after seeing a boy in a wheelchair on TV)
Don't unchance me! (When told he was naughty and couldn't have another chance. He was angry at the punishment (Jasmine got a lollipop and he didn't) though she let him have hers shortly after.)
Two is enough... (different opinion to Mummy re. iceypoles)
I'm not being good, but I'm still being good! (trying to convince Mummy)
Daddy: Come here.
Byron: You have to say, "Come here, little robot" (he had a bucket on his head) and you have to say please!
Mastered the forward roll
Told the toy horse all about his day yesterday
Reads books when he should be asleep (he's realized that we hear the click of the light going on, so he leaves it off, but he still reads out loud Ü)
Cleaned the tables at Happy Jacks (playground) with the toilet brush he found
Taught Jasmine how to ride a motorbike (the only props were two toy rings, used for steering wheels)

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kelgell said...

Oh I hadn't seen October's. It's so amazing how clever he's getting...his climbing, his answers, his learning and trying things for himself... Fascinating.