Sunday, October 11, 2009


Playing with the frame of Daddy's buggy

Climbing up the rope ladder as easily as a monkey. Loves going to the playground!

Taking the wheel and going for a spin ;)

He doesn't think rain is any sort of reason not to play outside, and why would you when your big (size 5) raincoat covers you so well?
I didn't record so many quotes this month, as he talks more or less constantly; instead I wrote some of the things he's been up to.
This month Byron's been into posting things into cracks (like books and spoons into the gaps of my treadmill). Nathan's also been trying to get him to say "J" because he actually says "j" as "dy", like "dyasmine". Once, when I asked him to say "Jjjjjj-asmine" he said to me, "Daddy's at work, so I don't have to say DYAY!" hehe.
He puts on his boots and heads outside all the time, which is fine, as we have an enclosed little yard. But sometimes I put him over the fence and he explores the paddock and chases the sheep. Once, when he was a bit far to see over the longish grass, I called out to him, and the neighbor waved and pointed. He was at the back fence asking him to lift him over ;).
He seems to pick up words and ideas all over the place with ease. He told me he had whiskers (brushing his cheek with his toe) and that our seagull ornament was actually an Albatross. He plays "boilers" with a broom, sweeping dusty ground up into "steam". He plays with an imaginary dog. He says "Goodbye" to his fruitcake before taking a bite! When I told him my back was sore, he took me to "hospital" (his room), told me to lay down, fed me imaginary cheese, read me "Rub a dub dub, who are these men in a tub, who a think a be.... they all sailed out to sea", turned off the light and shut the door behind me.
He had a great time tipping water over Jasmine's head (she thought it was great because it just dripped off her hat). When she was crying one day, he said to her, "Come here, sit on my knee and I give you a cuddle." Cute, but he mostly says "That's enough kisses!!" and pushes her away. Though one nice night he said to me, "Mummy, I need LOTS of kisses" and then said, "Thankyou, Mummy; I love kisses!" He likes feeding Jasmine, and even dishes her up more (out of his plate) if he is close enough.
He was walking around stamping his left foot, and when I asked what he was doing he said he was trying to start his motorbike. He can count to ten, though he wasn't specifically taught to (and I think his "Look, four blocks..." is more clever than reciting stuff.) He can half-quote lots of rhymes, like Ring a Ring a Rosie, Old King Cole, Diddle Diddle Dumpling, Hot Cross Buns, etc. and "reads" them (and other books) to Jasmine.
He's still at the very naughty and defiant stage (and spends a fair bit of time on his bed some days), but he's still, by far, one of the cutest, cleverest, nicest little people I've ever met. Hehehe.

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kelgell said...

How funny to hear some of the things he's done! Quite an imagination too.