Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Summer 2010-11

Summer at the playground
Summer thickshake

Summer hammock

Summer hat

Summer singlets (with superheroes)

Summer school

Summer sea creatures (an octopus)

Summer break from Playgroup.
Quotes from Summer:
I'm feeling pestered! Everyone's pestering me.
B: If I was a winged man I could fly up into the air and trick Jesus and God and pretend I died!
Mum: Why? To make God laugh?
B: yeah!
Dad: Who's poo-ey?
B: Zachary is! (putting his fingers down the back of his nappy!)
Mum: Stop saying "Why?" for a while! Just give it a rest!
B: Mummy, why can't I say that question?
All those birds would look like sheep if they didn't have wings. (Cockatoos)
Mummy: Don't come back in here saying "More more more".
B: I'll just come in and say, "More more".
J: Byron's digging under the slab!
B: (pushing on the house with his hand) It's not wobbley yet.
Started calling his baby brother "Zacka", which Jasmine immediately copied.
When I had a sleep I dreamed about grumpiness, so I'm very grumpy!
I wish I was a rain cloud. It would be fun to make mud for Jas.
Is that your chocolate with no sweet? (I gave him some of my 85% dark chocolate, and he's hardly ever asked me for some since.)
B: Jasmine? How about we get married?
J: No thankyou; I'm dancing.
B: (Speaking for the doll he was holding, to the doll Jasmine was holding) I'm a superhero, coz look what I can do! (tips doll back so its eyes close)
Jasmine, you can't see in your ear unless you're inside your ear.
I'm a very naughty boy, but I'll be good for Grandma!
Skills and achievements: Getting good at using the pot and toilet, so graduated to undies. Touched a koala and a roo at the wildlife park. Helped me dye some carded wool for spinning. Persuaded Jasmine to call him "Superhero Byron" for the morning. Played two characters in his own imaginary game, arguing with and persuading himself. Still has an imaginary friend called Martin.


kelgell said...

What a mind he has! Those quotes are hilarious. Tricking God and persuasion especially with himself Ha ha and explainations and reasoning and the chocolate with no sweet. He he he. And it's so sweet of him to wish he was a raincloud so he could make mud for jasmine. So thoughtful. That should be a good embarressing quote for his 18th. (;

Alrischa said...

I'm thinking of adding the url to the bottom of all his 18th birthday invitations. hehehe.