Thursday, January 20, 2011

Spring, 2010

Run run run!

Monkeying around on the swings. Scary to watch, at times, but he sure has had a lot of practice!

Trick shot with Zachary.

Trying to read to Zach (even Mummy has trouble reading "Oh say, can you say?"!)

Spring rolls in Spring. Very serious business.

3 car seats squashed into the back. For the next 7 years, apparently.

Favorite colors: red and black.
Some art:

First time I ever saw him attempt to draw a person. This is Daddy, obviously.

This one is a "Quick, Jasmine... Mummy left the paints on the table and now she's not looking" coordinated effort. But Byron did most of it. It's very 3-D because it was piles of thick paint squirted straight out of the bottles, about 2-3cm high off the paper. Lots of fun, until Mummy noticed...

One of Byron's many black paintings. :)
No, Mummy! He's already warm! (when told I was knitting a jumper for his toy sheep)
Dear God, thankyou for our lunch and bless your cotton socks, in Jesus' name... GO!
I want to go to a very happy place, and that's Grandpa's house.
Uncle Matt and Auntie Kylie's wedding:
B: I'm a superhero and my super protects me from being hurt. So I don't cry too much. And I don't laugh as much.
Mum: You don't laugh as much?
B: No, because I'm protected from tickling.
B read me "Green Eggs and Ham" and did a pretty good job
B: These socks are nice and comfy and warm!
Mum: You can tell people at playgroup I made them for you.
B: NO! They might say "you can't have those socks!" I don't want to tell anyone! I'm serious!
B: Mummy, you know everything, don't you?
Mum: Nearly.
B: You do, actually.
Whoever wins the game gets to win the game.
I don't like this tea. It's got boogs in it! (Dinner time is always a struggle, but that was a new one.)
I'm going to be Mr. Incredible. Very, very strong! (walks off swaying his shoulders...)
(lifting his legs up and down): Look, Jasmine; I'm getting strong. Do you want to have a go, so you can get stronger and push Daddy?
I just like being naughty, no smacks.
Our 3yo. Clever enough to defeat the lock on the childproof kitchen gate. Still silly enough to brag to Mummy about it.
B: Why did it just get quiet?
Mum: Because we all stopped talking. (this doesn't happen much with Byron around)
B: Please can I have a banana?
Mum: No, it's nearly tea time. I know you're hungry.
B: I'm not hungry!
M: Then why do you want a banana?
B: I'm hungry!!
M: ?!
B: I'm just hungry coz I want a BANANA!


kelgell said...

Ha ha. Kid logic is classic. They say some pretty funny things. I like the protected from tickling idea which makes him laugh less. Been wathcing the Incredibles?? Mr I must have impressed him a lot. Is that why he keeps showing off his muscles?

Esther said...

Ha, ha. I love the fact that he thinks Mummy knows everything.