Sunday, October 14, 2007

October 14

He had his 3 needles for his 4-month immunisations. He didn't even cry for the first two; in fact, he smiled at the nurse. Of course, that 3rd one really stings, so...
These are all September pics (because I'm a bit slack). October ones to come later...
Sept 22. I Love Farex.

Can sit up for a bit to do something important, like watching Play School or finding a hat. He tends to lean forward until he's touching his toes, and then he somehow ends up on his stomach again.

He can easily sleep sideways on the recliner, even using a pillow as a matress.

How cheeky is he?

Loves his playmat. He seems to think that "rolling" is overated, but he can easily turn 90 degrees to reach something he wants.

Cute little twisty toes

He has discovered his toes, and can spend hours playing with them.

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