Sunday, September 6, 2009

August, 2009

The serious business of fixing mowers.

Look what I can do once I've put the pots all over the kitchen floor.

So serious...

But this is what happens when I say, "Smile, Byron..."

Cuddling Jasmine
Quotes of the month:

I'm hungry! I need chocolate. (each day)

Mummy, I need my socks on coz my feet get cold if they get cold.

I'm NOT tired, I'm a BOY.

Don't get lost, Mummy (as I followed him around Target, a bit too slowly)

You can't have more wool; you've got your own wool (I was buying more, but he thinks my yarn stash is big enough.)
Mummy, I won't wake you up, Mummy.... I won't wake you up any more, Mummy... Mummy? Mummy!
Hey, where are you going? (to a stranger walking by)
He also...
Took off PJ pants and put on tracksuit pants

Next day, took off PJ pants and wet nappy, and put on PJ's over bare butt.

Told me off for turning his pillow upside down

Spent 3 hours at a Macka's playground, and all he remembered, when Daddy asked about it, was that "Mummy spilt her orange juice all over place!"
Spent days talking about wheels and whistles and muskets and fires after a visit to Sovereign Hill.

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kelgell said...

LOL! Love that wool quote.